Transparency-How I'll Vote

  • Medicare for All - SUPPORT
  • Green New Deal - SUPPORT
  • Net Neutrality - SUPPORT
  • End Corporate Campaign $ - SUPPORT
  • Immigrant Reform Now - SUPPORT
  • Right to Marry for All Families - SUPPORT
  • End War, Invest in Peace - SUPPORT
  • Legalize, Regulate & Tax Marijuana - SUPPORT
  • Fair Taxes for Corporations and Ultra-Rich - SUPPORT
  • Regulate Wall Street to Help Main Street - SUPPORT
  • Prosecute Financial Fraud & Torture - SUPPORT
  • A Woman's Right to Choose - SUPPORT


Fighting for the 99%: Fix the Foreclosure Crisis

I know what it is like to lose a home. My stepmom and mother both lost their homes after my father was killed. Many times the point of foreclosure is the consequence of difficult events that have led to someone losing their home — an illness, a death in the family, a loss of a job — so losing one’s home can be especially difficult during the holiday season.

It’s estimated that 7.4 million families and individuals face foreclosure or eviction between now and 2016. Larger estimates place the number of homes at risk as high as 20 million. Conservatively, this equals more than 5,000 homes seized by big banks per day.

Losing your home due to the mortgage crisis is nothing to be ashamed of when you did not create the economic or the deregulation climate that created this crisis. Millions of people have been defrauded out of their homes due to this crisis. We will not see real recovery until this stops. And we must elect people to Congress that will hold Wall Street accountable.

  • Reinstate Glass-Steagall
  • Pass the RESTORE the American Dream Act for the 99%
  • Reduce the income inequity between the CEOs and the average American worker by increasing taxes on the top 1%.
  • Bring transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve.
  • Restrict Congress from purchasing stocks, commodities and bonds while elected.
  • Create public financing of Federal elections.
  • Amend the U.S. Constitution to end corporate personhood.
  • Tax corporations

Tiffany in Action:

Renée is working to create a Foreclosure Prevention Zone in Petaluma. In Fall 2011, in partnership with Occupy Petaluma, Tiffany petitioned for a holiday foreclosure moratorium. Her efforts included garnering unanimous support among fellow Councilmembers to write a letter to Edward DeMarco, Acting Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, initiating a petition to Mr. DeMarco that received national participation, and encouraging Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and her colleagues in Congress to also request the moratorium from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. While the moratorium was a temporary fix to a larger issue, it provided much needed relief to families during the holidays.

Renée is also working with Occupy Petaluma and the Petaluma City Council to call on California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris to investigate mortgage fraud and work with the Governor, legislators and the courts to stop evictions of families experiencing mortgage fraud, and issue an injunction on all foreclosure proceedings — including evictions and auctions — and to proceed with a lawsuit on the major banks allegedly engaged in deceptive, illegal lending practices.

Renée is working with the Petaluma City Council and Occupy Petaluma to support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to end corporate personhood.

Never owning stocks, Renée has made a pledge to not own stocks, bonds or commodities while serving in any elected or appointed position. She knows that inside information can lead to corruption as so many seek personal gain. She has asked other candidates in the 2nd congressional race to sell their stocks and re-invest locally, and to commit to not trading stocks, commodities or bonds while if they are elected.

Protecting Women’s Rights

When I heard Jackie Speier speak on the House floor last year, about her personal experience of having an abortion, I knew it was time to run for Congress. I became a mother at a young age and could relate to Speier’s personal and private decision. It’s a call to action against a GOP-controlled House that is trying to reverse a century of progress on women’s rights.

I have been a tireless advocate for women’s rights, drawing attention to the broken justice system for victims of domestic violence, promoting affordable access to health care through a new county hospital, and electing Democratic women to office for more than 20 years.

Following the legacy of Congresswoman Woolsey, I am committed to:

  • being a strong voice in Congress to break the glass ceiling,
  • closing the wage gap,
  • protecting a woman’s right to quality health care and access to valid medical information from their trusted doctors,
  • adopting of the ERA,
  • withstand the GOP assault on Roe v. Wade.

Immigration Reform

Fixing our immigration system is a critical component of fixing our economy. We need workable solutions that benefit us all.

Immigrants, both documented and those without status — are already part of the fabric of our society. They are contributing members of our communities; they are our neighbors, classmates, coworkers and friends. We need to make sure they can participate fully in our society and contribute fully to our economy. When this happens we all benefit.

Comprehensive immigration reform will ensure that all workers are here legally, will punish unscrupulous employers who undercut their honest competitors, and will restore fairness to the labor market. It will lift wages for workers, restore tax fairness, and create a level playing field for law-abiding employers.

Legalizing workers without immigration papers and holding employers accountable will increase tax compliance by both. A Congressional Budget Office analysis of the 2007 Senate comprehensive immigration reform bill estimated it would generate $48 billion in revenue from income and payroll taxes between 2008-2017.

By cracking down on bad-actor employers who exploit workers and undermine wages of all we will reverse the race to the bottom, increase the bargaining power of all workers, and lift wages for American and immigrant workers alike.

Tiffany in Action:

Renée has been an outspoken proponent of the State and Federal DREAM Acts, speaking on panels at regional campuses.

Working in the community prior to becoming a councilmember, Renée worked with community and faith-based groups to seek interaction between the council, the police department and the immigrant community to dialogue on law enforcement and car impounding.

Later on council, Renée continued her work to address car impounding by working with the same groups to increase political will to take measures to institute policy changes to reduce impounding and provide for better safety and less cooperation with immigration enforcement. Last year changes after years of effort working with law enforcement, Renée encouraged changes to impound policy on unlicensed drivers  which eventually included recognition of Mexican IDs.

Caring for our Veterans

The wars around the world are risking America’s greatness. We are spending too much money and risking too many lives fighting too many wars on too many fronts at the expense of our present and our children’s future. We must bring our troops home and reinvest in America.

My family has a long record of serving our county in the military: my grandfather served in WWII; my father and uncle served in Vietnam; and my brother and niece served during the second Iraq war. I know first-hand the impact that war has on families when soldiers are away and when they return home.

With the return of our veterans, we must honor them for their sacrifices and give them lifelong quality health care in return for their service. We must fully fund the Veterans Administration and help returning veterans reintegrate into the work force, filling vital infrastructure, engineering, medical, technology jobs, and more. As a proponent of the DREAM Act, I supports a path to citizenship for those serving in the military.

Keeping our Youth Safe

The tragic murder of my father, the Salcido murders, and a series of murders of young women and girls in the late 80s and early 90s, prompted me to get involved in addressing the growing violence in our community. We must prevent crime before it starts by keeping our youth out of the criminal system through quality after-school activities and mentoring. Through my work to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems, as a Youth Commissioner and advocate for mentoring programs, I am working toward reducing youth crimes in our community.

Tiffany in Action:

Prior to being elected, Renée worked with the Coalition to Prevent Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Problems to enact a Social Host Ordinance and an Alcohol-related Nuisance Ordinance. These programs are working on youth alcohol problems in Petaluma.

While Co-President of AAUW, Renée worked with local police, counselors, teachers and youth to hold a forum on cyber-bullying.

As council liaison to the Youth Commission, Renée has worked with high school leaders to identify youth issues, improve access to youth employment rights resources, and provide access to health care resources for youth.