Transparency-How I'll Vote

  • Medicare for All - SUPPORT
  • Green New Deal - SUPPORT
  • Net Neutrality - SUPPORT
  • End Corporate Campaign $ - SUPPORT
  • Immigrant Reform Now - SUPPORT
  • Right to Marry for All Families - SUPPORT
  • End War, Invest in Peace - SUPPORT
  • Legalize, Regulate & Tax Marijuana - SUPPORT
  • Fair Taxes for Corporations and Ultra-Rich - SUPPORT
  • Regulate Wall Street to Help Main Street - SUPPORT
  • Prosecute Financial Fraud & Torture - SUPPORT
  • A Woman's Right to Choose - SUPPORT


Invest in a 21st Century Workforce

Education has always been the seed and core of American ingenuity and innovation. We’re now in danger of falling behind the rest of the world in competing in the 21st century global economy. We trail in math and science proficiency. Students are challenged to thrive in the current system despite increasing class sizes, dwindling classroom resources, yearly increases to college tuition rates, and being saddled with more and more student loan debt.As the first in my family to graduate from college, while a single mother of two daughters, I learned the value of hard work and education. Both of my grandfathers were tinkerers and inventors. Learning from their skill and mastery, I found immense value in being a maker of useful things. We need to inspire our youth to be makers again.

As your next Congresswoman, education will be a top priority for me, including:

  • Reversing cuts to education funding at every level.
  • A student loan finance reform bill that makes automatic cuts to student debt interest rates and keeps them at historically low levels, putting hundreds of dollars annually back into the pockets of students and families.
  • Increased investment and focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in K-12 and post-secondary curriculum, educating and preparing our future workforce and investing in a strong manufacturing sector.
  • Addressing Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind is a failure and Race to the Top doesn’t do enough to improve it. We need to bring back shared decision making, bringing all stakeholders to the table in evaluating policy that defines student performance standards.
  • Passing the DREAM Act, providing a pathway to a quality education for undocumented students.
  • Funding PELL grants at a more meaningful level of assistance for students entering college.
  • Legislation to ensure greater parity, reverse escalating tuition costs, and do a better job linking students up with grants and scholarships.
  • Building more relationships with private sector industries to create new scholarships, workforce training programs, and access to startup incubators for graduating students.
  • An updated national service program that would forgive up to $50,000 in student loan debt for two years service with a world service corps such as VISTA or the Peace Corps. Additionally, we need to streamline the process to help students receive the loan forgiveness more quickly.

Tiffany in Action

Tiffany has been a strong advocate for education for more than 20 years, fighting for smaller class sizes, parcel tax funding for arts and music, and STEM curriculum.

As the co-president of AAUW, Renée worked to encourage girls’ interest in math, science, and engineering through the Tech Trek summer educational program held at Stanford, Sonoma State and Mills College.

Tiffany has been an outspoken proponent of the State and Federal DREAM Acts, speaking on panels at regional campuses.