Transparency-How I'll Vote

  • Medicare for All - SUPPORT
  • Green New Deal - SUPPORT
  • Net Neutrality - SUPPORT
  • End Corporate Campaign $ - SUPPORT
  • Immigrant Reform Now - SUPPORT
  • Right to Marry for All Families - SUPPORT
  • End War, Invest in Peace - SUPPORT
  • Legalize, Regulate & Tax Marijuana - SUPPORT
  • Fair Taxes for Corporations and Ultra-Rich - SUPPORT
  • Regulate Wall Street to Help Main Street - SUPPORT
  • Prosecute Financial Fraud & Torture - SUPPORT
  • A Woman's Right to Choose - SUPPORT

Jobs & Economy

In my lifetime, I’ve seen the erosion of quality jobs, which is shredding our social fabric. We’re seeing record corporate profits and the largest CEO salaries in history, while the average family requires two or three jobs just to make ends meet.

We can’t keep electing the same type of politicians and expect different results for our working families. The same energy, passion and resources that were exhausted by the Wall Street bailout must now be applied to Rebuilding the American dream and our working class. As the only progressive candidate with a proven record of fighting against the status quo, I’ll get right to work for you in Washington.

The American Jobs Act is a good start — and Congress needs to pass it — but we can do better and go further:

Reinvest in America

We have the opportunity to put thousands of Americans to work right away, by closing tax loopholes for the richest 1% and subsidies for corporations and reinvesting that money in America through the Green Economy and fixing our aging infrastructure.

As your next Congresswoman, I will make it a priority to bring the dollars home and get the people of the 2nd District back to work, including:

  • Passing the American Jobs Act and reauthorizing the Transportation Bill.
  • Spurring the Green Economy with energy retrofits to our schools, public and municipal buildings, and investing in emerging clean technology R&D, education, and workforce training, beginning at the high school level.
  • Providing a clear and easy pathway for homeowners and business owners to go green. Sonoma Clean Power will be a model for America to end fossil fuel dependency. As your Representative, I will work to scale the work we’re doing in Sonoma County to a national level.
  • Fixing our aging bridges, roads, and highways.
  • Voting to pass H.R. 3184, the Fairness and Transparency in Contracting Act, which would close loopholes to allow more small business to contract with the Federal government.
  • Getting Americans out of their cars and investing in public transportation solutions — including bus, the SMART Train, national high-speed rail, and bicycle and pedestrian solutions.
  • Setting strong environmental responsibility standards and providing tax credits for small businesses and corporations who comply.
  • Investing in a Smart Energy Grid and Broadband infrastructure and creating equity for rural communities through access to these projects.

Tiffany in Action:

Through Tiffany’s leadership as a Director of the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, she’s helped secure over $100 million in funding for infrastructure projects in Petaluma, including a realignments of Petaluma Blvd. South, East Washington and Old Redwood Highway freeway interchanges and the Petaluma River Bridges.

Serving on Sonoma County’s Regional Climate Protection Authority, Tiffany has been a leader to making Sonoma Clean Power a reality, which has the potential to generate $200-300 million dollars in regional energy projects and put hundreds of people to work.

A Green, Organic North Coast

The natural resources of the north coast are an integral part of our economic prosperity. I’ve spent a lifetime dedicated to sustainability. We must protect vital industry in the north coast, while embracing new solutions that will lead us to sustainable and prosperous future:

  • End the bureaucratic logjam that is holding up funds in committee targeted for restoring our harbor communities, following the tsunami damage of 2011.
  • Many district constituents feel outright legalization and regulation of medical cannabis will ultimately put it in the control of big pharma and sold by big corporations. Instead, I support reclassifying it from a Schedule I to a Schedule II Controlled Substance — maintaining local control and regulation, and providing a new stream of local tax revenue.
  • Protect Federal lands from illegal, industrial cannabis farms that create environmental and public safety issues.
  • Protect organic and family farms and oppose unlabeled GMO food products

Invest in Small Business and Innovation

One of the biggest challenges to economic prosperity is that Americans hardly make anything anymore. Instead, corporations have outsourced our workforce and imported goods from the East. Americans are inventive, innovative people. As the owner of a web design firm and a leader in protecting local business in Petaluma and Sonoma County, I know the value of investing in small business, education, and entrepreneurship. As your Representative, I’ll for fight for you, including:

  • Support businesses who keep their product supply chains and workforce in America.
  • Beginning with K-12, invest in STEM curriculum and vocational programs, and workforce re-training that will fuel the growth industries of the 21st century.
  • Partnerships between private industry leaders and low-income communities, creating the mentoring programs of the future.
  • Replicate and scale small business incubator programs like the North Bay Business Cluster.

Tiffany in Action:

Renée has taken a leadership role in retaining key technology and manufacturing companies in Petaluma, and encouraging pathways for their growth and expansion.

On council, Renée made Economic Development a priority. Through an extensive community-wide strategy, a plan was developed through the efforts of stakeholders in local business, non-profit community groups, government agencies and neighborhoods, a plan was developed to focus on improving business in the region. It culminated with the recruitment of a new Economic Development Director. The new director has been welcomed with open arms, having been very successful in her brief time with the city.

Universal Healthcare & Social Security

As a Councilmember I’ve seen the impact that health care costs have had on our public employees and city budget. Health care cost increases accounted for 9-15% of the various agency budgets I represented in 2011. Access to affordable health care continues to be one of the biggest expenses for American families and burdens on their bottom line. As your Representative, I will:

  • Vote to preserve the Affordable Care Act and support a move to a single-payer system.
  • Vote to expand Medi-care and remove the age minimum. I’ve proposed doing this through a phased option by making Medicare available to all public employees and their families, addressing local government’s challenge annual rising health care costs.
  • Promote prevention and healthy food systems as a pathway for families to lower health care expenses.
  • Bring home dollars to fund community health clinics and human services, especially in rural areas where access to preventative health care is scarce.
  • Increase the Social security contribution wage cap from the existing $110,100 to $250,000.

Protect American Workers

Quality jobs keep communities intact, healthy, and vibrant. Unions have protected the rights of workers to have safe working conditions, fair wages and retirement benefits. The assault on unions we saw in Wisconsin and elsewhere must not be tolerated.

After WWII, my grandfather worked for the school district as a member of the Plumber and Pipe-fitters Union. He retired with benefits, only to succumb to lung cancer from exposure to asbestos on the job. After he died, my grandmother would have been left destitute had the Union not provided post-survivor retirement benefits. For the last ten years of her own life, my grandmother struggled with Hepatitis C, but because of the Union, she had good health insurance and could make Social Security stretch.

As your next Congresswoman, I’ll fight to protect American workers by:

  • Protecting unions and fighting union busting legislation
  • Promoting a living wage for working Americans
  • Promoting and supporting legislation that ensures worker safety and prohibits discriminatory practices
  • Protecting retirement benefits for union workers
  • Finding funding to protect the jobs of public safety officers
  • Supporting pathways to safe and meaningful employment for immigrants
  • Supporting investment in vocational studies programs in secondary and post-secondary education that prepare our workforce in the industries that will fuel our 21st century economy

Tiffany in Action:

As a community leader — prior to her election to City Council, as well as on the Council, Tiffany has been a strong advocate for a living wage and fair employment practices. Working with the Living Wage Coalition and local, progressive leadership, Renée has helped protect local workers and small businesses in Petaluma by helping institute a Living Wage Ordinance and the city’s Community Impact Report — policy that evaluates the environmental, community, and small business impacts of new development projects.

While on the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women, Renée ensured Living Wage language was included in a historical report on the Status of Women in Sonoma County, even when it was opposed by some Sonoma County Supervisors. The report was approved anyway, and became a resource tool used by regional non-profits in grant writing.