Why I'm running for Congress

I come from a family with a long history of public and community service. From an early age, my parents and grandparents instilled the values of hard work and civic engagement. The struggles I’ve faced in my own life drive me to create better opportunities for others to have healthier, happier, and more just lives.

Washington is broken. Sacramento is broken. Too many politicians are taking hard-line positions on revenue vs. expenditures. I grew up in a very diverse family, where I learned to work with people despite our differences. As the first Latina elected to Petaluma City Council, I’ve been able to put that experience to work in challenging situations. Accomplishing goals amidst adversity begins with respect and meeting people where they are, and not giving up on anyone.

Having worked within my community, I see people coming together to help one another even when they are facing the greatest challenges of their lives. Americans are innovative, creative and resilient. We need leadership that connects people to that spirit. I have overcome some extraordinary challenges in my life, and I believe that this experience, along with being in government during the toughest economy since the Great Depression, has given me the resilience, wherewithal, and smarts to get America working again.