Transparency-How I'll Vote

  • Medicare for All - SUPPORT
  • Green New Deal - SUPPORT
  • Net Neutrality - SUPPORT
  • End Corporate Campaign $ - SUPPORT
  • Immigrant Reform Now - SUPPORT
  • Right to Marry for All Families - SUPPORT
  • End War, Invest in Peace - SUPPORT
  • Legalize, Regulate & Tax Marijuana - SUPPORT
  • Fair Taxes for Corporations and Ultra-Rich - SUPPORT
  • Regulate Wall Street to Help Main Street - SUPPORT
  • Prosecute Financial Fraud & Torture - SUPPORT
  • A Woman's Right to Choose - SUPPORT

I'm Fighting for You

I already fighting hard for you.

Other candidates are poised to spend hundreds of thousands of Wall Street's cash on slick ads and mailers.

If we want to win, we have to out-organize them on the ground.

That starts with you.

Will you sign up to volunteer in 2012?


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